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The Style Factor has developed a refreshing and unique business model which has been split into two categories namely: Distinctive and Exclusive to assist the individual or company in achieving ‘The Power of Presence” with the value propositions offered. “The Power of Presence” may be difficult to define, but we all know it when we see it. Someone walks into the room and people step aside, Heads turn, Conversation opens up to include them, When they speak, people applaud or agree, When they ask, people answer, When they lead, people follow, When they leave, things wind down.

People with presence look confident and comfortable, speak clearly and persuasively and think clearly even under pressure.

Distinctive refers to the Corporate environment whereby TSF will tap into the Corporate arena and consult with clients such as Job Seekers/Job Hunters, Senior Executives, Newly Appointed CEO’s/MD’s, Managers, Professionals and Sales Executives by assisting them in adopting a characteristic that is unique and distinguishes them from the rest resulting in higher confidence levels enabling one to climb the corporate ladder at a rapid and more professional pace.

Exclusive is aimed at Individuals wanting to enhance and improve one’s own personal image resulting in developing a higher self- esteem and an overall positive outlook on life. The target market is varied in the Exclusive category ranging from Private Individuals from all age groups and walks of life, Single people seeking partners yet have a low self- esteem, Cancer or terminal illness survivors, and Spouses of newly appointed Executives.

TSF’s Vision is to be the ultimate solution to both Individuals and Corporates towards self-development through professional advice and expertise and the Mission is to empower and help one learn to maximize their Image and Self-esteem and not being afraid of positioning oneself on a higher platform.

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